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Most of us can only dimly understand the theories of astrophysics and quantum mechanics but some of these theories postulate the existence of parallel universes and alternative realities that would have been considered science fiction not that long ago.

English playwright Nick Payne has cleverly used these concepts in his two-person play “Constellations” which focuses on a romantic relationship between an astrophysicist (Marianne) and a bookkeeper (Raymond) who meet at a friend’s BBQ party. According to critics, these two are an appealing though somewhat awkward pair whose stage relationship develops through a series of developments, each performed in multiple scenes showing different outcomes. Though this could be confusing, the reviewers uniformly sing the praises of the play, with the New York Times rhetorically asking, “Who knew that higher physics could be so sexy, so accessible – and so emotionally devastating.”  Variety described it as “short and sweet and strangely haunting.”

“Constellation” will have its San Antonio premiere this weekend at the Playhouse San Antonio’s Cellar Theater. Directed by Molly Cox, it stars Jeff Jeffers as Roland and Kate Glasheen as Marianne. In the press release Cox is quoted as saying: “…The story of Marianne and Roland shows what could have been, what is (maybe), and what never became. It is infinite endings and a myriad of beginnings. It also allows for you, as an audience member, to draw your own conclusions.”

I’ll give you my take on it after I see it, but I must confess to being curious.

“Constellations” runs weekends through Nov. 19; for tickets, ($15 – $35) call 210-733-7258 or go to
                      Photos: Jeff Jeffers and Kate Glasheen